A Magic String that takes down your system

A special magic string that can destroy systems that save your passwords in plain text, and we're partying like it's 1999 because up is down, and Code Project is back.
Lots of Azure, and lots of releases that large enterprises and governments would love.

Good info here, and lots you may not have known about.

Everything old is new again. Angular is the new Webforms, Blazor is the new Angular. Here we are, partying like it's 2009.

Apparently if you make that text in the above tweet your password you can find out if anyone stores your password in plain text.

If we ever get to the year of Linux on the Desktop it will be through WSL.

I haven't quite figured out what they want it to do but as long as it's "Simplify the sheer number of ways you can develop for Windows", I'm in.

In case it isn't apparent, Microsoft uses the word 'standup' loosely.

Fifteen minutes. Around the time a standup should take. We see you, Channel 9.

If you want to write a command line app in .NET, check out System.CommandLine. Finally there's a way to deal with parsing command line arguments that doesn't involve reinventing the wheel or using a go-clone library.

On September 24th, Nat tweeted "Github Stories 🤔" and his replies filled up with references to ICE putting kids in cages.
If you remember, Github has a contract with ICE, and come hell, highwater, or angry public sentiment, is going to continue to honor that contract. Maybe Nat doesn't want hearing about that in his feed any more and so he unfollowed everyone.
Some days twitter seems like high school, if the cliques in high school resulted in life and death decisions.

You can be forgiven for wanting to print this out and send it to every manager you ever had.

(Spoiler: Maybe?)
He goes into the math problem of two people digging a hole and I don't think there's anything more closely aligned with programming than randomly digging holes.

MAUI is 'multi-platform', not 'cross-platform'. While this may seem like tomato and tomato, there are a few people out there who are mad that MAUI won't support... the linux desktop. Presumably the same number of people liked the ending of LOST.
If you are looking for 'true' cross-platform Desktop UI frameworks; give AvaloniaUI a try or give in and use electron like everyone else.

The .NET Foundation is hosting the aforementioned meetup about Microservices and containerization tomorrow (September 29th) at 4pm UTC.
Remember: If someone touts microservices without diving into discussing communication among containers (past HTTP Request/Response), event-driven architecture, under what conditions your org structure would benefit from microservices, or whether or not your workload needs that sort of separation, run quickly.

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