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Copilot or JEDI?

Microsoft Copilots us but gets JEDI'd by Amazon.

Automated Printer CVEs

PrintNightmare CVE hits the wild; CoPilot hits the wild; and everyone else runs for cover.

Windows 11 Will Cost You a New PC

The Windows 11 LiveStream happened and the only happy people are the PC manufacturers.

11 Follows X

Windows 11 to be unveiled, which means Microsoft parrots Mac (again); and the proprietors of OneDrive experience a diskspace problem.

Exceptionally Useful

.NET wants to make Exception.ToString() useful and Microsoft "helps" get the ransomware money back. Methods? Unclear.

A Deal with the Censorship Devil

Microsoft bans the Tank Man image *and* partners with Morgan Stanley all in the same week. This is some master level evil corporate synergy.

Build me up, buttercup

Build happened.


Microsoft releases its flexibility guide and it turns out Jargon is a KPI.

Barn Door Security

Office Macros remain Microsoft's Security Kryptonite, Azure BaaS has been shutdown.

49.7 First Dates

.NET has performance issues like clockwork, Microsoft upgrades their Contributor Covenant, Aliens have favorite places to visit.

Pour One Out for .NET Framework 4.6.1

.NET Framework 4.5.1, 4.5.2, and 4.6.1 are reaching "end of support" (scare quotes). Basecamp shoots bazooka into foot, and Microsoft Build is coming up.

Microsoft's MVP Program has a new requirement: Shilling

Microsoft wants MVPs to tout SQL Server on Azure over AWS; Octopus Deploy raises a princely sum; and Visual Studio 2022 will be 64-bit.

The NSA requests you patch your stuff

Exchange CVEs have gotten so bad the NSA is involved in public relations.

... and I would lock 10,000 schemas...

Stack Overflow creates 10,000 schemas a pop, gets deadlocked. .NET 5.0.5 is out, and .NET 6 Preview 3 includes new platforms.

Microsoft is mad that Georgia is having a second piece of cake

Georgia tries casual racism; Microsoft is 'concerned'. GDPR Cookie popups have made the internet terrible again, and Nuget is about to overflow its download counter.

Cross-Platform Pinky Swear

Apparently 30 is old in tech. Microsoft feels the burn from their cross-platform promise.

Azure goes Achoo

Azure AD goes down hard. Man cold hard.

A CVE for every Season

Microsoft patches a nasty CVE with System.Text.Encodings.Web that affects every .NET platform (except maybe framework?); Microsoft takes down a security researcher's PoC of the Exchange hack, and "static abstract" may become a thing in C#.

Microsoft Ignites Exchange

Exchange gets hacked; Microsoft .NET Foundation is opening up (hhehehe) about its "assignment model" change.

Naming is Hard, Let's just copy

Microsoft releases "Dapr", in a homophonic 'homage' to Dapper.

Using Azure Means Microsoft Sharing Your Info

Microsoft Shares your Info with Canonical if you use Ubuntu; .NET Turns 19; and three CVEs get patched in the .NET World.

[Object]ing... for now.

Microsoft defers 2022 Election Cycle contributions to congressional representatives that supported the objections to certification of electors on January 6th. Microsoft Ignite is coming and it's free.

You can't have issues if you don't have a backlog

The .NET team axes their backlog in vain hopes of managing it. Microsoft releases LAMBDA; an excel function that will likely power AI well into the next decade.

Microsoft says the quiet part out loud

Microsoft spills why they make Political Action Committee Contributions to members of congress that supported the insurrection on January 6th; Visual Studio now supports preprocessor symbols for intellisense; and two conferences are coming up.

I am (g)root

Nuget can run arbitrary code on your system; Parler's woes get worse (yay!); and Khalid A. shares inspirational quotes from artists that apply to programming. Oh yea, Microsoft releases new .NET Core updates that fix a major CVE.

2021 Doesn't Feel so Good, Mr. Stark.

A Capitol Insurrection; JetBrains refutes the NYT tying it to the Solarwinds Hack, and Serverless.com makes a major security "oopsie".

Solarwinds Hacked; Microsoft on the Attack

Solarwinds got hacked; and dozens of US Government Agencies were infiltrated. Microsoft navel-gazes into its eco-system problems; and there's a little bit of "If it's good for Apple it's good for us" going on too.

Tech Parrots Tech; Microsoft parrots Google

A nasty RCE has been patched; .NET 5.0.1 has been released; and there's a new site that lets you find blogs for any tech stack.

Remembering the women of École Polytechnique

December 6th was the 31st anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre; we dive into some Microservices tools and framework improvements in .NET 5; and Windows Terminal may get... Stories?

Microsoft regains the "Creepy Spying Company" mantle

Microsoft now spies on your productivity in O365; lots of helpful packages abound this week around tough problems; and everyone is hung over from too much turkey.

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