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The .NET Foundation Finds Out the Silent Treatment Doesn't work; tries Rolling Heads

A lot of turmoil in the .NET Foundation; with discord coming to a head... speaking of heads, the Executive Director resigned after the community called for hers. It...

Watermelon Sug-- HOW HIGH ARE YOU

VC that sells attention for NFTs wants you to buy NFTs. The .NET foundation decides to force its operations on member projects, and the Microsoft Store really really w...

We named the dog Patches

Patch Tuesday gets delayed for more fixes, the word 'themes' now means 'new color schemes', and Microsoft releases a video called that's two minutes long filled with 8...

Sourcing Your Packages

Arcade == .NET Foundation build tooling; .NET 6 RC 1 is out; and you can now specify what repositories to pull your nuget packages from -- individually.

Min/Max Life Changes

The 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is commemorated, Minimal APIs bet maximum attention, and technologies as old as it gets should be Good Enough For Ev...

Deep Learning Means Never having to Say You're Sorry

Windows 11 is coming October 5th; .NET Gets a plan for Deep Learning; and Techbash 2021 has been postponed.

So, Azure your keys are Safe?

Microsoft Azure team starts wearing brown pants due to the 'ChaosDB' vulnerability.

Silverlighted Sorting

Developers reminisce about that time Microsoft killed a platform they liked. Microsoft Developers reminisce about trying to get AIM and MSN Chat working well together,...

Squabbling Trillionaires

Microsoft and Amazon tangle over which gets a $10B contract. 3 CVEs in .NET and .NET Core patched.

Take One[Note]: Disorderly Sunset

Microsoft sunsets one of two onenotes. The rest is just gravy.

Requiem for a usecase

Abel Wang passed away last week; and var gets extended to cover Lambda initialization and method groups.


There are twinCVEs that affect both Microsoft and Linux; and I like to think of them as Twinsies. Or TwinCVEs. Get it?

The Next Three Zero-Days

Microsoft patches 117 vulnerabilities, with three under attack 'zero days'.

Copilot or JEDI?

Microsoft Copilots us but gets JEDI'd by Amazon.

Automated Printer CVEs

PrintNightmare CVE hits the wild; CoPilot hits the wild; and everyone else runs for cover.

Windows 11 Will Cost You a New PC

The Windows 11 LiveStream happened and the only happy people are the PC manufacturers.

11 Follows X

Windows 11 to be unveiled, which means Microsoft parrots Mac (again); and the proprietors of OneDrive experience a diskspace problem.

Exceptionally Useful

.NET wants to make Exception.ToString() useful and Microsoft "helps" get the ransomware money back. Methods? Unclear.

A Deal with the Censorship Devil

Microsoft bans the Tank Man image *and* partners with Morgan Stanley all in the same week. This is some master level evil corporate synergy.


Microsoft releases its flexibility guide and it turns out Jargon is a KPI.

Barn Door Security

Office Macros remain Microsoft's Security Kryptonite, Azure BaaS has been shutdown.

49.7 First Dates

.NET has performance issues like clockwork, Microsoft upgrades their Contributor Covenant, Aliens have favorite places to visit.

Pour One Out for .NET Framework 4.6.1

.NET Framework 4.5.1, 4.5.2, and 4.6.1 are reaching "end of support" (scare quotes). Basecamp shoots bazooka into foot, and Microsoft Build is coming up.

Microsoft's MVP Program has a new requirement: Shilling

Microsoft wants MVPs to tout SQL Server on Azure over AWS; Octopus Deploy raises a princely sum; and Visual Studio 2022 will be 64-bit.

The NSA requests you patch your stuff

Exchange CVEs have gotten so bad the NSA is involved in public relations.

... and I would lock 10,000 schemas...

Stack Overflow creates 10,000 schemas a pop, gets deadlocked. .NET 5.0.5 is out, and .NET 6 Preview 3 includes new platforms.

Microsoft is mad that Georgia is having a second piece of cake

Georgia tries casual racism; Microsoft is 'concerned'. GDPR Cookie popups have made the internet terrible again, and Nuget is about to overflow its download counter.

Cross-Platform Pinky Swear

Apparently 30 is old in tech. Microsoft feels the burn from their cross-platform promise.

Azure goes Achoo

Azure AD goes down hard. Man cold hard.

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