Is it .NET or dotnet?

Two Conferences walked into a bar, one named .NET Conf and one named dotnetconf. Confusion ensues.
This is Last Week in .NET for the week ending 3 October 2020. You know, Last week. There were no releases this week, but a crap-ton of goodies abound.

🔗Ed Charbeneau talks about Blazor vs. MVC on his twitch stream One bad thing about twitch is the videos disappear after 14 days so you have another 4 days to watch this one.

🔗James Newton-King wrote a Blazor WebAssembly app that shows performance benefits of gRPC-Web over JSON. Tl;dr 70% less bandwidth, 10x faster deserialization; all without gzip.

🔗David Ramel focuses on how much faster Blazor is getting Microsoft already fooled me once with Silverlight, but I'm hoping this time will be different so I'll dump all of my attention onto blazor and cry when they inevitably abandon it.

🔗How to deploy ASP.NET Blazor WEbAssembly to Azure Static Web Apps (translation: using blazor on a static site hosted on Azure)

🔗David Fowler shows the original design principles surrounding ASP.NET Core IT's frightening to think that at this point the idea of ASP.NET Core is 5 years old.

🔗Michael Shpilt talks about ASP.NET Middleware and stuff you should probably know but have avoided. If you're like me you're about 3 months away from completely abusing middleware because you need to hook into the request pipeline for a dangerous reason.

🔗TheDevTalkShow on Twitch talked with Shahed Chowduri about "ASP.NET Core from A to Z" on their twitch show.

🔗That .NET Foundation meetup about Microservices and Containerization happened and I haven't watched this yet and the reason you know I haven't is that I would have started this sentence with a curseword. I'm sure it's a good presentation but I have ethical issues with Microservices. Like developers should be bound by ethics not to use Microservices.

.NET 5
🔗Have you analyzed your .NET Framework project for .NET 5 portability? You may want to do that, and they may want to update that doc to reflect that it's now called ".NET 5" and "ASP.NET Core on .NET 5" instead of ".NET Core".

🔗Anthony Giretti Deep Dives into the System.NET.HTTP.JSON Namespace. If you're going to serialize JSON in .NET 5 (and you will, t least until the cool kids move to gRPC), you'll want to pay attention to this, especially since JSON.NET is 'mature'.

🔗Do you want to see all the new Visual Studio templates? Check that box. Also, go vote and check that box.

🔗netstandard2.0 is the most used Target Framework Moniker by far Immo Landwerth showed the stats of most used TFMs (Do you know how to Read TFMs?) and the most used TFM is netstandard2.0 followed by net45. More deeply, this means that while library authors are hoping to target both Framework 4.7+ and .NET Core 2+, they're not diving into the netcoreapp only features yet.

Broken Stuff You should probably Patch
🔗Microsoft Exchange Servers Still open to Actively Exploited Flaw. If you're using exchange I'm sorry and I recognize you already have problems in your life, but here's another one: An flaw has exploints in the wild. I can't help but notice that the exploit was patched on 11 February 2020, about a month before the US went into total lockdown mode. I wouldn't be surprised if that hurt adoption of this patch; but regardless.

this is not to be confused with

🔗.NET Conf is November 10th-12th, 2020 Which is totally different than dotnetconf, Also if you're listening to the podcast version for this I'm sorry. I will be live tweeting this @gortok on twitter. Mute now, just in case.

🔗The .NET team released the results of the survey that asked people about their experiences with the .NET repositories on Github. If you like data and skewed numbers due to sample size, you'll love this survey.

🔗PM Director of the .NET Team, Scott Hunter sits down on youtube to talk about his job. Clearly enforcing the standard that it's spelled .NET and not dotnet is not in the job description.

🔗Is it Too-pules or Ta-pules? Maira and Kendra from Channel 9 released a video on Tuples in C#

Speaking of Tuples, I scrupiously commissioned a twitter poll about how to pronounce it. It has also spawned a link to this english.stackexchange question on the subject.

Miscellanous stuff that's interesting
🔗Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, released a reprehensible blog post about Coinbase's mission and got thoroughly roasted for it Good. If you're going to put profits over people in 2020 you shouldn't expect much else.

And that's what happend last week in the world of .NET. No releases, but overall still a busy week.

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