2021 Doesn't Feel so Good, Mr. Stark.

A Capitol Insurrection; JetBrains refutes the NYT tying it to the Solarwinds Hack, and Serverless.com makes a major security "oopsie".
Here in the States, we recorded the first invasion of the Capitol since the war of 1812 (in 1814), the first time a sitting president has incited an insurrection, and the last time any of us will hold out hope that it being a new year will mean things get better.

With that as our backdrop, let's get down to what happened last week in the world of .NET:

🗣.NET Frontend day is January 28th, 2020. This conference goes through the various technologies you can use to build front-end applications in .NET. Expect lots of blazor.

📰CODE Magazine released an article about Blazor Updates in .NET 5. CODE Magazine was my first foray into the world of .NET (this was back in 2000), and I remember reading through the articles fondly. I think I'm going to go subscribe to the print edition again.

🍾Reed Cospey writes a beginning of year message to the F# Foundation community 2020 decimated in-person conferences, and the expectations are that it'll be August before we can even think about resuming in-person conferences, with the more likely outcome that conferences will resume in 2022. If they resume.

📝How to build Microfront ends with Blazor WebAssembly Micro-frontends are complicated and we're not there yet, but I'm glad more people are blogging about the possibilities.

📝Rick Strahl does a deep dive into a boring topic and makes it fascinating Using his Markdown Monster application as a setting, Rick dives into String formatting.

📝Jetbrains fights back over allegations that their "Team City" product contributed to the Solarwinds intrusion. The New-York times alleged that Jetbrains "Team City" was partially responsible for the Solarwinds hack, and this rightfully ruffled some feathers at JetBrains HQ. They dive into their findings as to why Team City isn't at fault.

📝Do you use Span? If so, there's a handy chart that helps you understand what you can cast and when, not to mention a really informative article on Span itself. h/t to @DaveAGlick for the share.

🐦There's a thread of a thread about "Project Reunion", aka "Make Windows UI development not suck again". These sorts of insights are why I use twitter. Before Twitter you would have hoped for a blog post or ten, or maybe a video post-mortem; but these sorts of insights were just not available due to the cost of publishing a blog post on the subject. With tweets, the barrier to entry is low. Yea, that can be a problem, but that's a whole other problem to deal with.

📽There's a video out detailing changes you'll see in .NET 6.. If you aren't already on the ".NET updates yearly, get ready" train, you should be. Minor versions happen every month or every few months, and major versions are released yearly. Yes, .NET 6 is 11 months away, and is going to be 'the release' for large enterprises to move to .NET (core).

📝If you want Cross platform .NET UI's right now, use UNO. In this PR, Uno now supports AOT Profile filtering. No, I don't know what this means, but you probably do.

📝Nick Randolph discusses Full Trust and Partial trust and how that relates to Windows app Container. Yes, this is more for the desktop crowd but still interesting to see where Microsoft is going for its UI strategy.

And that's what happened last week in the world of .NET. I'm putting together an intro to modern day TDD webinar:

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