You can't have issues if you don't have a backlog

The .NET team axes their backlog in vain hopes of managing it. Microsoft releases LAMBDA; an excel function that will likely power AI well into the next decade.
Last Week in .NET - January 30th, 2021
We're getting our first snow here in the DC area for the first time in what feels like forever; and the .NET team is pondering the true meaning of the words "Backlog management". Let's get to it.
🌎 As previously alluded to, the .NET team is closing older issues in their Github repos, and this is a cause for alarm among the folks that write these issues. If you run an open source project, sooner or later you're going to run into this if you don't have the people-power to manage your backlog. I hope the .NET team takes the time to realize this hints at a much deeper problem, and that problem isn't "too many issues are opened on Github".
📝 Stack Overflow deep dives into their May 2019 security incident. The word 'incident' has the same energy that my two-year old does when she has a poopy pull-up and decides she'd rather not wear it any more. That aside, this is a fascinating look into what actually happened, and how Stack Overflow used what the attacker searched Stack Overflow for to figure out where they were going to hit next. Using Stack Overflow to hack Stack Overflow is a new one on me.
🤼 .NET Conf Focus on Windows Desktop Development is February 25th, 2021. No speakers, no schedule, just a save the date. Cutting it kinda close, aren't we, .NET?
🌎 Ben Watson wants your input on breaking changes being made to Microsoft.IO.RecyclableMemoryStream It's like database connection pooling, but for the large object heap.
📢 Microsoft has released LAMBDA for Excel You would be wrong if you thought that the word LAMBDA was an acronym for something. Rather, it's because the keyboard got stuck and Marketing thought that was edgy. Now that Excel is turing complete, I await Doom being created in Excel.
🎥 Rockin' The code world with DotNetDave - Special Guest: Kendra Havens is on February 6th, 2021. Kendra is a Program Manager for Visual Studio & .NET at Microsoft, and Rockin' the Code World is not to be confused with ".NET Rocks".
Microsoft has put together a new experience for feedback and now there's a new way for them to ignore your feature request.
📢 There's a Nuget Package Explorer CLI tool that can validate nuget packages This is helpful to those of you that author nuget packages, if you don't, carry on.
🐛 Nuget Package Explorer is also tripping up Norton Antivirus so if you use that, watch out for the false positive.
🎥 Brigit Murtaugh has an 8 part series on Developer docker containers Part 1 is now, Parts 2-8 are on the right hand side of now.
📝 Curious how the pre-built .NET Docker Images are created? Elton Stoneman has the answer. This is a fascinating look into how Docker images are effectively turtles all the way down. Thanks to Dee Dee Walsh for the link (@ddskier on the twitters).
📝 Codemaze updated their blogpost on Blazor Web Assembly Authentication. It is unclear what the updates are, but if you do this a lot you probably know.
📢 Microsoft announces their support for Open Web Docs Remember when Mozilla laid off the MDN team? Remember how MDN is soooo much better than W3Schools? Yea. This has to do with that. Looks like the big tech companies are coming together to make documentation a funded thing.
🎥 Elegant API Versioning in ASP .NET Core Web API I have not vetted these claims, don't @ me.
💲 Microsoft released FY21 Q2 Results. The numbers went up and to the right, but the whole stock market has been doing that, sooo.
📰 One third of tech workers admit to only working 3 to 4 hours a day, according to Fast Company, and.. this part is even more important: the other two thirds lie about it.
📝 .NET 5 Source Generators Jump Start Source generators are socially acceptable code generation tools.
📝 Speaking of Source Generators, you can now use them to create that DSL your business wants and when in two years you're stuck maintaining this DSL that about 10 people on the entire planet understand, you can give it all up to use Excel's LAMBDA. I am not bitter at all.
📝 The Author of cURL asks the question: "What if Github is the devil?". This being a serious subject, I will not joke and say "too Late".
🐦 I don't think the Entity Framework team ever sleeps. They've created the branch for EF Core 6.0 Preview 1; and if living on the edge is your thing, go ahead and download it.
📝 Steve Cleary continues his series on Asynchronous Messaging with Part 4: Retreiving Results. This sort of thing reminds me that we don't yet have the tooling to support Microservices in a standard way.
🗣 The .NET Foundation has put together a speaker directory Lots of Good speakers on there, although they also let me on there, which is suspect.
And that's it for what happened last week in .NET. I'm George Stocker, and I'm hosting a free webinar on TDD in .NET on March 5th. When I'm not doing that, I'm helping .NET teams double their productivity through Test Driven Development. Check out more at
Thanks, and I'll see you next week.

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