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Microsoft releases "Dapr", in a homophonic 'homage' to Dapper.
Last Week in .NET - February 20th, 2021
.NET Releases
📢 .NET 6 Preview 1 is out. Besides MAUI, there's a lot being packed into .NET 6, and what I'm looking forward to most are Single File Apps. They were 'released' in .NET 5 for Linux only, and in .NET 6 they'll be available for Windows and MacOS as well.

📢 Dapr 1.0 has been released. Dapr allows you to hot-swap microservice features like queues, data stores, authorization schemes and secrets management. It's a way to write Microservices for the least common denominator. it's like Kubernetes for Tech Stacks... and that's not a compliment.

.NET News
📝 Do you need a high performing CSV parser in .NET? Cesil has you covered and it now supports source generators. Kevin is a really smart guy and he dives deep into how to use source generators for Cesil and what they do. Thanks, Kevin.

🎥 Sam Basu joins the .NET Show to talk about MAUI. Not the island, the acryomn: Multi-platform App UI. If you want MAUI today, try out UNO Platform. Not a plug, just something that's already available... today.

📢 .NET 6 will have a priority queue, writes David Fowler. I guess interviewers will have to find a new data structure for people to try to recreate.

The State of .NET Survey is going on right now. It's built to give Microsoft a sense of why more people aren't using .NET, and if you are using .NET, what parts you're using. It seems like Microsoft already has this information with their opt-out telemetry, but it's your chance to tell them how you feel nonetheless.

📘 The Introduction to Dapr for .NET Developers ebook has been released. Dapr stands for "Distributed Application Runtime", and it's not to be confused with Dapper, the Micro-ORM from the folks at Stack Overflow. Confusing, isn't it? Apparently people at Microsoft fell in love with the name and ignored complaints that it sounded like "Dapr". Anyway, the book is out.

Who's the book for? Well, that's the trickier part. It's for people who want to create Microservices from scratch; which, you probably shouldn't do.

Microsoft News
📰 Windows 10 version 21h1 will arrive with no hardware certification changes. The story never tells us why this is important, so let me hum a few bars: It means the hardware that has been certified to work on Windows 10 build 2004 will work for this version of Windows 10.

📰 Microsoft released their final update for the Solorigate Investigation. For a "final" update, it leaves a lot to be desired information-wise; and there's a lot we still don't know. These sorts of updates make it easy to think that there's more going on than is being reported. I guess we'll see.

💰 Microsoft is looking for a Software Developer for their One Engineering System team. This role looks to be geared towards ensuring the security of Microsoft's software supply chain. A bit of a coincidence given recent events.

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