O POH Maoni!

Maoni Stephens (writer of the Pinned Object Heap Blog post and Garbage Collector Guru at Microsoft) gets a promotion.
📢 Python for Visual Studio Code introduces its February 2021 release. TensorBoard integration , better docstring and improved go to declaration behavior have all been released as a part of this... release.

📢 TypeScript 4.2 has been released with several new features, like an abstract constructor signature, stricter checks for the 'in' Operator, smarter "Type alias preservation", and More. Yes, and more is doing a bit of heavy lifting in that sentence. Check it out and rememberr that TypeScript does not respect SemVer so upgrading from 4.1->4.2 is a breaking change. Thanks, Microsoft.

.NET News
📝 Blazor Desktop: The Electron for .NET? by Matthew MacDonald asks this question. It's an interesting way of pitching Blazor that I hadn't considered previously; and I'm excited to see where this goes. We do already have a perfectly good electron, however.

📝 Did you see the .NET Foundation speaker's directory If you want to book a speaker for your meetup, there are lots to choose from. I am also in the directory, for what that is worth.

📝 Khalid Abuhakmeh talks about 18 pitfalls you can encounter and EF Core 5 and how to avoid them I've hit just about all of these in my work; and that's either an indictment of me or of the framework itself. You choose.

📝 The four part series on building apps with Azure API Mangaement functions, Power Apps, and Logic Apps is now complete and it's clear from the title that Microsoft's KPIs for 2021 include how often Azure services are used in a blog post.

NET 6 will only support Mac OS 10.14 and up Mac OS 10.13 "High Sierra" is 4 years old at this point, so who can blame them? Thanks to Kevin Jones (@vcsjones on twitter) for the link.

👨‍💻Microsoft has a github repo devoted to WPF Samples and to my relief the only reference to azure in these code samples is the color.

📝 Speaking of Maoni, she also has a blog post out on the Pinned Object Heap in .NET 5. The POH is new in .NET 5, and you may want to get acqauinted with it, just in case you ever need it.

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