Cross-Platform Pinky Swear

Apparently 30 is old in tech. Microsoft feels the burn from their cross-platform promise.
It's a light week. Not much going on except for me being stung by the "30 is old in tech" rebuke. What happened in the world of .NET (which turned 20 this year)? Let's get to it:

🤞Edit and Continue support for Linux? Not happening any time soon. The Jetbrains folks received complaints that Edit and Continue support for Linux wasn't available in Rider, and this particular rabbithole leads right to Microsoft's door step.

It's indicative of a bigger problem, that the promise of cross-platform .NET is the sort of promise you'd make like 'we should get together for lunch sometime' with a friend you bump into while shopping on a saturday afternoon.

💫Releasing Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0 to the Beta & Release Preview Channels. The title is almost as long as what they actually released, to wit:

"We are improving the reliability of displaying the candidate list for users of the Input Method Editor (IME)."

The fact that JavaScript is number 1 is proof-positive more people are into masochism than we know.

💾Create ZIP files on HTTP request without intermediate files using ASP.NET MVC, Razor Pages, and endpoints The take away here is that using this technique you can create zip files without writing files to disk on your server. Especially handy if you're into that cgi-bin serverless craze.

🎁NewtonSoft.Json 13.0.1 has been released. New major version number, and it looks like the 'breaking change' is the default MaxDepth:

Change - JsonReader and JsonSerializer MaxDepth defaults to 64

There are a smattering of bug fixes along for the ride as well.

It was a light week in the world of .NET, and with Easter coming up in the states, you can expect this week to be light too.

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