49.7 First Dates

.NET has performance issues like clockwork, Microsoft upgrades their Contributor Covenant, Aliens have favorite places to visit.
👽 Do you live in the UFO Hotspot? Boing Boing Asks, and my answer is: "What answer gets the aliens to come and take us away from this madness we call 2021?"
🥤📦 CVE-2020-15257 has been dubbed "Abstract Shimmer". I hear "shimmer" and I think "thirst trap". So yea. A CVE has officially been called a thirst trap. Free Association is one of the many reasons why you subscribe to this newsletter. And what is a thirst trap if not getting someone to click a link to look at what you want them to?
🕸 Progress Delayed is Progress Denied says Alex Russell about Apple's ban of iOS apps that don't use their browser engine. This has nothing to do with .NET, except tangentially (hi, Xamarin folks). But, it's an interesting read nonetheless.
🕹 SwiftOnSecurity has a thread about games that overwrote system memory due to ingame actions. This is not that TayTay, but it is that TayTay. If that confuses you, welcome to twitter.
🏠🏗 Tomorrow, May 11th, 2021, Jeff Doolittle will talk about how REST Wrecks Microservices I agree but I don't know if we have the same reasoning. I'm currently snorting the Event-driven architecture powder, so I'm against inter-service communication using HTTP for that reason; but I guess we'll have to attend the talk to find out.
Yes, there's another attack against CPU caches Short version: "Bad". Very Bad.
Prime+Probe cache side-channel attack implemented using CSS And you thought the alien come take us away comment was weird. Now here it is in context. Not even CSS is safe.
👬 Is the era of reflection-heavy C# libraries at an end? Marc Gravell asks, and the answer is "Yes, if you can stomach the re-work you have to do." So in reality the answer is going to be "no" for a very long time.
💔 Bill Gates is getting a divorce in case anyone is looking for a Sugar Daddy. Be careful though, he apparently associated with Jeffrey Epstein after the truth about Epstein came to light.
👍 Microsoft now uses the Contributer Covenant 2.0 for their open source projects.
🚫💰 Newtonsoft.Json hits one billion downloads Billion with a "B". If Open Source were sustainable, James Newton-King should probably have millions coming to him from all the commercial entities using Newtonsoft.Json, but instead he gets to deal with Github Issues.
🤯 Weird ways to execute unmanaged code in C# Because we need more ways to shoot ourselves in the foot.
📅 Is your .NET application acting up every 49.7 days? If so you should read this github issue. Bug opened due to perfomance latency with JsonPlatform, and it turns out the Ticks is a signed integer that goes negative (wraps around) every 49.7 days. See? I told you it was amusing.
🎹 David Fowler is playing name that tune with ASP.NET Core We're now down to three lines (last week it was 7) to have a running web application in C#.
Microsoft is finally ditching its Windows 95-era icons I would pay for a Windows 95 Remastered edition on Windows 10. That's the window manager I want, a remastered Windows 95, not this flat sh*t that I can't tell where the buttons are. Yea, I said it.
📚 Microsoft has released a set of Incident Response playbooks I checked, and as expected they don't yet have a response to "Github and Microsoft has contracts with ICE".
👋 The Rijndael class is now obsolete and if you know what I'm talking about then the word 'crypto' has at least two meanings to you.
💰 Microsoft's Barry "I have a bean fetish" Dorrans releases a statement about the commercialization of Identity Server Long story short, The status quo will stay the status quo. For now. This has real Darth Vader vibes to it, if I'm being honest.
🐍 The Virtual ML.NET Community Conference 2021 - Day 1 videos are up I try to limit my snake-oil ingestion, so I'll pass, thanks.
That's it for this week. If you have some interesting .NET Content, reach out and let me know at george@georgestocker.com. I'll give you a plug and everyone on this list will get to share in your joy.

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