Microsoft releases its flexibility guide and it turns out Jargon is a KPI.
This week's newsletter is late because my wife and I were gone all weekend for our 10th anniversary. I am chagrined and refreshed all at the same time. With that said, let's get into what happened Last Week.

🙅‍♂️ Microsoft Teams is now available for personal use. I want to have the confidence of the executive that this would be a hit. Also in a facepalm moment, you must have both a Microsoft Account and a Phone number to use Teams for personal use. Stop making Live.com a thing. It's never going to be a thing.

Project Reaqtor is open source and to quote the parent, it "provides a set of framework components that enable devs to build distributed event processing systems across cloud and devices". It sounds cool, but the number of use-cases that need something like this is small. You can also read about the history of Reaqtor, and @geoffreyHuntley has a twitter thread that includes the highlights.

🥓🥞 There's a community standup concerning Project Reunion's 0.5 release. Kevin Gallo and Seth Juarez bring you the latest on Project Reunion, which sadly is not a reference to getting the actors from The Breakfast Club back together.

🚫 Replacing Thread.Abort() in .NET 6, .NET 5, and .NET Core The story here is that Thread.Abort is not in .NET Core, and so what should you do instead? "Don't ever try to abort a thread" is apparently not the right answer.

Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer in 2022 Because money is more important than security, Edge will support ActiveX to ensure businesses don't ever have to invest money in upgrading their systems.

Enhanced Date, Time, and Timezone support is coming in .NET 6 Preview 4 You will now be able to have a date without a time, and vice-versa. My presidential platform remains committed to the abolishment of timezones.

🌪 Introducing EcoQoS Microsoft is putting ecological sustainability in software because Intel will never be encouraged to dump x86.

📚 You can now download Microsoft's Hybrid Workplace Flexibility Guide reminding us that danger comes in many forms. The form present in this 'guide' is corporate jargon. It's hard to dispute something when you can't understand what the hell they're trying to say.

It's a light week because Build is this week; and so next week's Last Week in .NET will be all about Microsoft Build. Confused? Not as much as you would be if you tried to read the Flexibility Guide.

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