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Build happened.
So Build happened last week. This email newsletter is shockingly late for reasons that you probably don't care about but have messed up my entire week. Mea culpa.

📢 .NET 6 Preview 4 is out and contains a metric ton of bug fixes and new docker images for your testing pleasure. Seriously, far too many to list here. Thankfully though Microsoft has a blog post out detailing what's in it. I'll talk about some of these updates independently.

In .NET 6 Preview 4, there's now a "Date Only" and "Time Only" struct which does what it says on the tin. This greatly simplifies my own code that tries to handle 'date only' and 'time only', so I'm prettty happy this is here.

📢 Announcing Maui Preview 4 which I can only assume was released with .NET 6 Preview 4, because otherwise there'd be two things named Preview 4 that track different releases and no self-respecting company would do that... right? RIGHT?

🎉 Visual Studio 16.10 has been released and appropos of nothing Visual Studio has multiple version numbers for a given 'year' version. 16.10 adds new productivity enhancements, Docker and git features. Of note is that they've finally added a "Remove Unused references" command, which assumes parity with ReSharper from 2016.

📹 A video from Build titled .NET 6 Deep Dive; what's new and what's coming is the headline, and I categorically refuse to make the easy joke about the headline. If the punchline doesn't pop in your head, bless you.

📃 Azure Application Service feature list, in a tweet; special thanks to Jeremy Sinclair (@sinclairinat0r ) for the screen grab.

💻 Microsoft and Qualcomm team up to create a Windows on Arm64 Developer PC So microsoft is releasing a PC that is lower priced than their Surface X ($999) to encourage development on Windows. I say this as I am typing this up on a Mac, possibly the most expensive development machine ever to hit mass market usage. On a lighter note, you could think of it as a Windows Mini machine.

📢 The Windows Procmon tool has been reimagined for Linux What has the world come to that we can credibly say Microsoft is trying to provide a good Linux experience?

🐧 What do you mean George? Well Microsoft support for Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 coming later this year. I'm not sure if this is a tacit admission that Microsoft lost the hearts and minds of developers or an admission that Linux lost the desktop war?

🗣 In news that will only shock managers, Developers days are interrupted by meetings, a Github Study finds. They interviewed developers and found out when and how they were most productive and it was when there were few meetings and long stretches of open time. This is my shocked face.

🏃‍♂️ Richard Lander has a conversation with members of the Ready to Run Team about... Ready To Run This Q&A dives into what Ready to Run is (spoiler: it's code that's ready to run anywhere without JITing) and how it's different from other toos like NGEN.

5️⃣ For all five of you that use F#, there are F# and F# tools updates for Visual Studio 16.10. Features include better interop between F# and C# projects, fixes and improvements on refactoring and other sundries.

👋🌎 Bryan Hogan blogs about Github Actions with .NET, Part 1 - Hello World and Documenting the Artifact and in what I hope becomes the norm, the full source code for this is also linked from the blog post. This is good. More of this, please.

👨👨👨👨👩 Want a nice recap of what happened at Build Day 1? the poorly named but fun-filled session named "Microsoft: Into Focus with Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Rajesh Jha, and Kevin Scott" is available for your viewing. They left poor Fillsha Shah off the title for reasons passing understanding, even though she's listed as one of the speakers for the talk.

🎂 WinGet hits 1.0 after more than a year of sucker-punching AppGet with being announced at Build 2020, Winget is now 1.0. It will be available on Windows 10, 1809, and "ships soon". Windows Insiders can use it now.

📧 Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center blames the actor behind the Solarwinds attack for a recent email based attack. Luckily the email attack is just a wide-spreadh phishing campaign, and not a sophisticated supply chain attack that took the entire software industry by surprise.

And that's it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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