A Deal with the Censorship Devil

Microsoft bans the Tank Man image *and* partners with Morgan Stanley all in the same week. This is some master level evil corporate synergy.
It’s a light week this week; everyone is coming down from Build. If you missed that, check out last last week’s newsletter. Now on to what happened Last week in .NET.

Jared Parsons, member of the Roslyn core team, talks about string vs. String. That is, for those of you listening to this instead of reading it, the keyword string vs. the class String. As it turns out, they’re not the same thing. There is also a special circle of hell for people who override String. @ me on Twitter @gortok if you think I’m wrong about this.
Not about .NET but relevant to our interests, Michele Hansen’s preorder for “Deploy Empathy” is open. Michele is the founder of https://geocod.io, which is, as the name says, a geocoding API. She does a lot of customer interviews for Geocodio, and previously she was a product manager for The Motley Fool, where she — you guessed it — did a lot of customer interviews. Anyway, she’s written a book (and she has a newsletter!) about customer interviews that will give you the feedback that you need for your product or service. I don’t do sponsored content here, and if you work on a product or are a consultant trying to sell a service, you need to read this book. Periodt. Benefits of the preorder is you get rough drafts of the book. Seriously, buy it.
This is one of the best produced virtual keynotes I’ve seen ever Scott Hanselman “and friends” bring you a Build keynote unlike any other. I mentioned this last week, but it’s worth noting again. Watch it. It’s that good.
Raymond Chen talks about Arm32 If this is your introduction to Raymond Chen, you’re one of today’s lucky 10,000. Feel free to peruse his back catalog and be amazed and entertained for thousands of hours. Today he talks about Windows and Arm32.
Microsoft is partnering with Morgan Stanley to provide reference cloud architectures for highly regulated industries (like the financial industry). This is akin to Las Vegas partnering with Satan, but I get it. This is corporate synergy.
C# 9’s blazor ‘colorization’ and appropriate C# 9 syntax highlight and documentation is live If this sentence is confusing to you I’d like to point out I present the links; I do not vet them for sanity.
Paint.NET Is smackdab in the middle of its migration to .NET Core and some parts are already live. If you aren’t aware of Paint.NET. It’s… Paint. In .NET. That’s it, that’s the hook. All joking aside, it’s a rather wonderful paint program and it just happens to be written in .NET — now .NET Core.
Microsoft.IO.RecyclableMemoryStream 2.1.0 is released Could someone explain to me how a .NET 4.6.2 targeted application can now use Span<T>? email me at george+whatthefuckisthisshit@georgestocker.com.
Microsoft wants to be twitter’s main character for a day by censoring the “Tienanmen Square Tank Man” image on the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre. rubs head with hands… Do you see how this is bad, Microsoft? Do you? I can’t rub a company’s nose in their own mess, but I’d sure like to.

And that’s it for what happened last week in .NET. Tip your service staff, and tune in next week.

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