Exceptionally Useful

.NET wants to make Exception.ToString() useful and Microsoft "helps" get the ransomware money back. Methods? Unclear.
We’ve come down from build and gotten back to the grind. Two releases this week followed by a ton of interesting stuff that’s happening in the .NET Space.

.NET 5.0.7 has been released and it’s a small release that fixes CVE-2021-31957.
In the same vein, .NET Core 3.1.16 has been released and it fixes the aforementioned CVE.
Microsoft’s Kate Crawford says “AI is neither artificial nor intelligent and I’ve never agreed with a headline more.
End to End encryption coming to Microsoft Teams which will send corporate legal compliance teams into tizzies. So I’ll assume that it’s “End to End” but your employer will probably have keys to decrypt and record it, because that’s who’s paying the tab.
There’s a design proposal to make Directory.Build.targets just work and as someone who is still very scared of MSBuild, I hope this is means fewer nightmares.
MSTIC helped the FBI confiscate the hacker’s wallet from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack and they’re being mum on what ‘help’ means. Some commenters note that Windows 10 has a built in keylogger; and I’m seriously reconsidering linux.
Visual Studio now supports deep links for git pull requests and the 1990s called and asked for royalties on this tech.
First known Malware targetting windows containers but everyone is safe because no one uses windows containers. Also if you are forced to use Windows Containers I have to assume that’s about the 20th worst part of your job.
Jet Brains Rider ‘Must Use’ Plugins. Selling Microsoft based developers on a better IDE is like selling shoes to the cobbler’s kids. I respect Jetbrains here but it’s always going to be an uphill battle.
JetBrains has another blog post just released titled “Import settings from Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to JetBrains Rider” In case you wanted more evidence of that uphill battle.
The .NET Community Standup asks “What’s new with Blazor” in this video. What’s new, Blazor?
Do you need to inject text into an ASP.NET Core Response? Rick Strahl has you covered this is over a year old but still the best resource if you need to rewrite the response in ASP.NET Core.
Immo Landwerth wants to make Exception.ToString() useful and if accomplished I’d like to have Immo’s babies. Only one of these statements is a joke and I’ll leave that to you to decide which one.
Azure App Service supports .NET 6 Preview on Linux and Windows Early Access according to Byron Tardif (@bktv99 on twitter).
Visual Studio Code 1.57 has been released and there will come a tipping point where new features gives it a similar bloat profile to Visual Studio. It’s like the Wilford Brimley line for software.
Rediscovering Implicit Casts or as I like to think about it “More than you ever wanted to know about implicit casting in C#.
Christina Warren shows us that comic sans makes a pretty good mono-spaced font and I hate myself for how much I like this.
And that’s it for what happened Last week in .NET.

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