Windows 11 Will Cost You a New PC

The Windows 11 LiveStream happened and the only happy people are the PC manufacturers.
The Windows 11 livestream happened last week, and the big news there is just about every computer older than 2017 will require you to upgrade your hardware to use Windows 11. This is bad news and I am unhappy

⚑ Let's Learn .NET - Blazor" free Livestream happened June 25th so if you want to learn Blazor, this is your chance to catch up on the video.

πŸ› David Fowler And Damien Edwards talk about ASP.NET Core's Architecture (Part 3) in this youtube video. This is a very informative series, and I'm looking forward to watching the recap.

πŸ’° .NET Nanoframework received $10,000 (USD) from the Microsoft FOSS Fund. This was from a vote held by Microsoft Employees that work on FOSS projects.

πŸ“’ Releasing Windows 10 Build 19042.1081 (20H2) to the Release Preview Channel and it's clear that no one ever speaks these blog titles out loud. They could at least name them funny names.

πŸ“’ Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.81 has been released and there are no release notes so I just have to assume everything listed is what's new. It seems... packed.

2️⃣ Blazorday happened on 17 June 2021 and I can only find one video so I have to assume this one is it.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ The Azure Static Web Apps Launch is June 30th. The amount of press this event has gotten leads me to believe this is something more exciting than static web hosting launching, so I have to assume it's something more than that.

β™₯♦♠♣Exception Not Found (the blog, not the exception) has a Part 3 to their blog post Solitaire in Blazor, Part 3 - Drawing, Discarding, and the Stacks I'm loving this approach to teaching blazor.

βš”Attack Surface Analyzer is open source and I'm mentioning this because Barry "I wish I had married Beans" Dorrans did not realize it was open source and so it's news to at least two of us on the internet.

🎩 Microsoft is now a $2 trillion dollar company and there is positively no excuse for them to need ICE's money at this point.

πŸͺ The Microsoft Store now supports PWA, Win32, and UWP and oh yea, Developers can use their own commerce engines and keep their profits This is one way to get people to adopt the Microsoft store, although I have a sinking feeling if it does get adoption, this will change.

🎲 XBox Game Pass will be built into Windows 11 and I have no idea what XBox Game Pass is because I have three kids and no time to game.

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ In what I consider a kindness, Kevin Gallo blogs about What Windows 11 means for developers, my thanks to Kevin.

⏯ The Windows 11 Livestream is available for replay in case you missed it. I did.

πŸ“ Project Reunion has been 'renamed' to Windows App SDK and this is quite possibly the least Microsoft Name it could have been given. It's clear the marketing team was not involved in the naming of this, and we are all the better for it.

🧯If you enjoy gambling and want to try out Windows 11 Insider Preview, Here's a handy blog post that will take you back to Windows 10 if and when you hate it.

⏩Ok fine so it's not really a reskin, apparently, as updates are 40% smalle and happen in the background, so something is going on under the hood.

😞Want to see if your PC can be upgraded to Windows 11? Use this tooland prepare for disappointment

.NET 6 Preview 5 is now on Azure App Service and Byron is clearly not following Microsoft's Marketing KPIs because Azure appears no where in the blog post title.

And that's it for what happened in .NET. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend; so there will be no Last Week in .NET Next week, and I'm starting to regret the title.

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