August 8, 2020 - You can build .NET when *I* say you can

Microsoft reminds everyone that Ignite is coming; .NET Core refuses to be built.


Shahed Chowduri releases his ASP.NET Core 3.1 A-Z an ebook (twitter)

.NET Core fails to build from source:

With commentary as to why (can't build nightlies when there are undisclosed security vulnerabilities?)

.NET Conf "Focus on Microservices" Playlist now on youtube.

Microsoft let's employees sponsor open source projects at $10,00 a piece.

Microsoft's Ignite - September 22-24 2020

Just Finished a Not so awesome project here's what I learned

I about fainted at the "Was happy when I got people to stop deploying from Visual Studio .NET.".

PFCLofW - It's a library that lets you write markdown to specify your tests; and then turns those into executable tests.  I know, I know, customer written tests are snake-oil. They have been and always will be;  Now if you could get your customer to specify your tests in excel? That might be the ticket.  Still, this is a cool library to check out, purely from an engineering perspective.

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I'm George Stocker, and this is last week in .NET for the week ending August 8 2020. If you try to build .NET core from source, you may get failures because of packages being removed from their internal feeds. Now, this is really important only if you find yourself needing to build .NET core from source, but be aware it can happen. There's an open issue on the .NET SDK repo. And for me, I didn't even realize you needed private Nuget feeds to build .NET core. Also, one of the people that works at Microsoft is quoted to have saying, We don't publish nightly builds that have undisclosed security fixes. And so if you get access denied for a nougat package source while you're trying to build .NET  core, it could be because there's an undisclosed security fixed somewhere in that dependency chain. It's really good to know .NET comp focus on microservices just released the playlist from their two day long .NET Focus on microservices conference. Now I live tweeted this. If you want to check out the videos for yourselves, they are now on YouTube. Microsoft has a free and open source software fund called a FOSS fund. And what it does, it allows Microsoft employees to vote on what open source projects should get $10,000 sponsorships from Microsoft. So if you're an employee at Microsoft, you go to this site, you pick which open source project you'd like to sponsor, and if enough employees pick the same one, it gets $10,000. Now this is not nearly enough for a project like apt get where Microsoft decided to take its underpinnings and how it worked and copy it without paying the author or anything but if you work at Microsoft, do us all a favor and vote for apt get and maybe the owner will get at least a little something for their time. Shahed Chowduri released a ebook on ASP.NET Core 3.1. It's an A to Z book. So it covers a topic. Well, from A to Z. Now we're all lucky they didn't deprecate ASP .NET 3.1 before the book was released, but a special shout out to Shahed for his work, and it's a good ebook, you should check it out. Microsoft's ignite conference is scheduled to take place from September 22 through the 24th of 2020. And it's gonna be launched as a complimentary digital event experience this year. I have no idea what it means by digital event experience, but we're gonna find out. I will be attending and probably live tweeting it. So you can catch my twitter @gortok if you want to hear my take on it. But otherwise, you should sign up and at least so you can get updates from the event as well as any of the videos that they released. Jeremy Miller just released a blog post titled just finished a not really awesome project. Here's what I learned. Now it goes through a two year project. That was waterfall based .NET project for a client, it details everything that he went through on this project. Now this is a good read and if you have done consulting, especially for long projects, you will probably feel his pain. And you know it's gonna be a good read when one of the lines is that he's happy that they got people to stop deploying in Visual Studio.NET and start deploying in Azure DevOps. And that's it for what happened last week in dotnet. I'm George Stocker, and I help teams double their productivity through test driven development. If you want to go home at 5pm you don't want to stay up late at night worried about bugs, give me a call. You can reach out at

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