The Next Three Zero-Days

Microsoft patches 117 vulnerabilities, with three under attack 'zero days'.
📆 July 29th is .NET “Focus on F#” Day. You can sign up to watch a whole day of videos on F# at I haven’t ever seen a CFP for these “Focus” events so I’m unsure of how they pick their speakers; but it looks like a good lineup.
🏪 Microsoft publishes its own applications through the Microsoft Store, making it about 95% of the Microsoft Store.
📹 On July 8th, Kathleen Dollard, Rich Lander, and Immo Landwerth ‘sat down’ on youtube to talk about What’s new in .NET 6 Preview 6 & 7, and how they handle “breaking changes”. Which they can handle now that they aren’t wed to “Don’t break anything at all costs” .NET Framework.
☑ The .NET Foundation 2021 Board Nominations are open but don’t get your hopes up because there’s a nomination committee who will decide who actually gets voted on. There’s also a job description of what board members do, if you’re interested.
The ASP.NET Community Standup – Building with Blazor happened last week and it shows how was built using Blazor.
📢 .NET 5.0.8 has been released. The interesting bit here is that now you can use Windows Forms and WPF are supported for Arm64. This was initially in .NET 6 Preview 1 and backported to .NET 5.0 with this release.
📢 .NET Core 3.1.17 has been released. Several non-security bug fixes are in this release.
0️⃣ Microsoft Patches 3 Under-Attack Windows Zero-Days the big news here is that if you have Windows Systems, you’ll have already wanted to patch them. If not, patch them now. One of the three Zero-days includes a drive-by attack via web browsers. Second to that is that there are 117 vulnerabilities patched, with 17 labeled ‘critical’.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You know you can run multiple projects when you hit ‘F5’ in Visual Studio, right? I love the gif method of teaching; and because of that I’ll forgive the horrible experience we’ve taught ourselves is adequate with debugging multiple projects via F5.
🌎 Global Usings are in .NET 6 and this seems like something that will in no way ever be abused or lead programmers to wonder what namespaces are avialable.
Microsoft introduced the Windows 365 Cloud PC last week and the interesting bit here is that now you can build Windows applications without needing windows. You’ll never have to worry about zero-days plaguing your personal computer, and you’ll get to snobbishly remind people that you use linux all at the same time! As usual the licensing situation with Windows 365 is inscrutable to mere mortals.
📢 Announcing .NET 6 Preview 6 with the previously mentioned Arm64 support, Apple Silicon support.
📢 Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is out and it includes Web Live Preview for ASP.NET? Wait a second. ASP.NET… Webforms? That’s still a thing? There’s doubling down on an old technology, and then theres… this.
📝 The Microsoft Windows Developer Team has their ‘notes’ publicly visible for Windows Development and these pages are chock-full of interesting tidbits. If you find yourself doing native Windows development, you’ll want to bookmark this.
📢 ML.NET 1.6 has been released and it now supports Apple’s Silicon, along with several other fixes.
😜 Microsoft released a new emoji introduction video and whatever team did this needs to be responsible for the Windows Experience in general. I have a feeling they could do better than what we’ve got.
🚫🐧 System.Drawing.Common will be Windows-only in .NET 6. While a good move, it feels like ‘Common’ isn’t. Programmer hubris comes for us all in the end.
and Lastly,
A helpful tip for debugging, you can use Debugger.IsAttached as a way to catch Exceptions, but wouldn’t you just click the ‘Break on All Exceptions’ checkbox in Visual Studio? How is this different from that?
And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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