Squabbling Trillionaires

Microsoft and Amazon tangle over which gets a $10B contract. 3 CVEs in .NET and .NET Core patched.
🔮 Magick.NET 8.2.0 has been released which is an image manipulation library for .NET.
📢 Windows App SDK 1.0.0-experimental has been releasedand Kevin Gallo attended the App Development Community STandup to underscore why it’s an important release. The release notes tout several experimental features, push notifications and windowing improvements.
📢 Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 now available! This preview release includes improvements to the Dark Theme, added new JavaScript and TypeScript project types, and because of course they did, easier one click publishing to Azure DevOps.
📢 Announcing .NET 6 Preview 7. There’s new .NET SDK templates that use the latest C# features and now there’s literally a one line console application template. Everyone wants to be like Perl.
📢 .NET 5.0.9 has been released. There are several CVEs resolved in this release, including CVE-2021-34485, an information disclosure vulnerability related to crash dumps, CVE-2021-26423, a Denial of Service Vulnerability, and CVE-2021-34532 which is an ASP.ENT Core Information Disclosure Vulnerability, this time areound logging JWT tokens that are unparsable.
📢 .NET Core 3.1.18 has been released and these same vulnerability were backported from .NET 5 to this release.
🙌 Github Codespaces has been released and you can access it from any repository by pressing the period key. Yes, launch a Visual Studio Code instance, in your browser, already targetting a repository with a single keypress. That’s pretty remarkable and allows me to forgive the many sins JavaScript committed.

News and Notes
🙋‍♂️ Microsoft abandons semi-annual releases for Windows Server. Opting instead for the ‘You can have frequent updates if you want to use Azure’ which already fills this week’s bingo for requiring Azure needlessly because it’s on someone’s KPI. Joking aside, this is a dive into marrying frequent Windows Server updates with using Azure HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure), and it appears that Windows Container updates will now be married to that same infrastructure. Just as well, I suppose since outside of Azure, Windows containers are as rare as an honest politician.
📹 Aaron Stannard is hosting a webinar called “Introduction to Akka.NET Streams” on August 27th. If you’re interested but your dance card is full on the 27th, you can register and watch later.
🗣 .NET Conf is November 9th-11th, 2021 and the CFPs are open. As usual I’ll be live-tweeting the interesting bits of the conference.
🎉 Jetbrains is celebrating the release of 2021.2 of Resharper and Rider with a … party? This ‘party’ is being livestreamed on August 17th, 2021 at 10:00 EDT (-4 UTC).
One of the more interesting bits of Visual Studio 2022 going 64-bit is that ReSharper can now use more memory. Previously it shared the max 4GB of memory with VIsual Studio. Will performance improve? We’re given a vague “it depends”, which is… fitting.
🤷‍♀️ Windows 11 FAQ: Here’s everything you need to know says ZDNet. If you’re looking to upgrade, here’s what you need to know: Buy a computer with a new processor.
🥔 CodeMash 2022 CFP is open, and closes August 31st, 2021. I haven’t been to Codemash myself, but I’d love to attend.
🦷 .NET Core 2.1 is end of life at the end of August. It’s getting pretty long in the tooth so migrate now.
🥈💡 Getting off Microsoft Silverlight for Good Silverlight goes out of support in 57 days, and Mobilize.NET, a consultancy that helps companies migrate off of it want you to know this.
🥇 For the F# Folks, Don Syme, one of the language team members for F#, talks about active pattern matching in F# and why it’s superior to alternative forms of matching. I mean you wouldn’t expect an F# person to ever say it isn’t superior, would you?
and lastly, and because I’m obligated to report it but not because I care:
🤑 Microsoft and Amazon battle over yet another $10 billion U.S. government cloud contract. Last time Amazon protested Microsoft winning a DoD Contract worth $10 Billion, and now the shoe, as they say, is on the other foot. However, this time it’s the NSA, and I can’t find the words to care about the plight of the trillion dollar companies.

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