August 29, 2020 - Blazor, the new Silverlight?

.NET 5 Preview 8 is out; and a blog post asks: is blazor the future of development?
.NET 5 preview 8 has been released:

If you want to use .NET 5 Preview 8 with Visual Studio, make sure you have the Visual Studio 2019 16.8 preview 2 release installed].

Speaking of Visual Studio 2019 16.8 Preview 2, it now supports editor config fileheaders and namespace settings. So if your company has a 1980s centric approach to file-headers, you can now offload that work to the editorconfig.

ASP.NET Core 5 Preview 8 has been released.
Lots of Blazor updates and improvements, as well as ASP.NET Core now supports Model binding and validation for C# 9 Record types.

Entity Framework Core 5 Preview 8 has been released:
F# 5 Preview 8 is out
F# 5 now includes String Interpolation; a la what C# has had for a few releases now. F# 5 now also includes complete nameof implementation support, and more.

Is it .NET 5? Is it ASP.NET Core 5? Is it ASP.NET 5?
Jon Galloway gives us the answer:

ASP.NET Core name stays - you'll either see "ASPNET Core running on .NET 5" (blog post link) or "ASPNET Core 5".

Npgsql update for EFCore 5 Preview 8 has been released:
I'm really glad people are pinning to the version of .NET Core they support. It's hard to keep up otherwise.

Is Blazor the future of development?
Short answer: No, it's not going to replace JavaScript, but it will give the "We're a Microsoft shop, we use what Microsoft supports" crowd an adoption path for their aging Webforms implementations.

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